A Wind-Up on Twitter

Twitter can be a great source of professional development, inspiration and collaboration for teachers. Just the other day I was looking for a hands-on activity with which to demonstrate elastic potential energy and energy transfer and so I tweeted for ideas. Here are some of the wonderful suggestions I received from the Twittersphere. Thank you everyone for your contributions!

Wind-up butterflies


Image credit: youaremyfave.com. Full instructions available here

Jumping insects

Cotton reel car

Rubber band powered car

Flipping toy

Balloon hovercraft


Blood Cereal!


Demonstrate the composition of blood by making blood cereal.

Plasma – milk with a drop of yellow food colouring. Add glucose and a little oil to demonstrate that nutrients are carried in the plasma.

Red blood cells – Cheerios stained with red food colouring.

White blood cells – small marshmallows for lymphocytes and larger marshmallows for phagocytes.

Platelets – Cornflakes crunched up to represent fragments of cells. The mixture can be passed through a fine sieve to demonstrate how the platelets clump and clot blood vessel lesions.

Mix into a big bloody mess!

(Although all of the ingredients are edible this is for demonstration purposes only and should not be eaten).