Free resources

The following teaching and learning resources are free to download but please do not use for commercial purposes.

Circuit Symbols Card Match (KS4)

Capture - card match

States of Matter Board Game (KS3)


Animal Kingdom Guessing Game (KS3 / KS4)

A fantastic introduction to classification and putting living things into groups. The aim of the game is to guess your opponent’s mystery animal before they guess yours.


Periodic Table Battleships (KS4)


Giorgio Amino and Gianni Vestarchi Bracelets


Flash Cards

Flash cards for whole class hinge questions. Print, laminate and attach using a key ring loop or treasury tag.


Artificial Selection Game

Who can selectively breed a prize-winning sheep in the fewest number of generations?


Mrs. NERG Memory Card Game

Place all the cards face down on the table. Take in turn to flip over three cards. The aim of the game is to match the life process to its description and to the picture which best depicts it.


Chemical Formulae Dominoes (KS4)


Microscope and Bunsen Burner Licenses (KS3)



Element Playing Cards (KS3 / KS4)

A set of 30 playing cards (metals in blue and non-metals in red) which can be used to play a ‘Top Trumps’ style card game. Also includes a blank set of cards for students to complete by themselves.

Using a Microscope Worksheet (KS3)


 Food Chain Hanging Mobiles (KS3)

Students colour or paint the animals, plants, arrows and labels. Cut them out and attach with string to build hanging mobiles.


Alimentary Canal Maze (KS3 / KS4)


Forces Dance Mat (KS3 / KS4)


Chemical Digestion (KS4)


Nephron Labels (KS4 / A Level)


 Leaf Structure Labels (KS4)


 Celebrity Baby (KS3 / KS4)

This is a fun activity when teaching inheritance. Simply provide students with photographs of two celebrities (one male and one female) and ask them to cut out and then mix up their facial features to discover what their baby may look like.


Blood Vessels (A Level)

Students to identify and label the parts of an artery, capillary and vein before outlining the adaptations and features of each.


Resources for Sale (via TES)

The following resources are available to purchase securely via TES (simply click on the image). However, if you are currently a student, unemployed or you or your school do not have much money for resources, contact me and I will happily send them to you free of charge.

GCSE Biology Revision Game – Win, Lose or Draw (£3.00)

This is hugely popular among my students. Great fun.


The Journey of a Red Blood Cell Board Game (£3.00)

The students (as red blood cells) must make their way around the human circulatory system, answering questions as they do so. A fantastic starter or plenary activity which is always hugely popular with my IGCSE students.


3D Cross Section of a Leaf (£3.00)

A 3D cross section of a leaf. Students identify and label the parts of the leaf and then build the cube. Much better than a flat image in a book!


3D Cross Section of Human Skin (£3.00)

A 3D cross section of human skin, complete with a tattoo. Students identify and label the parts of the skin and then build the cube. Much better than a flat image in a book!


3D Planets of the Solar System (£3.00)

All eight planets plus Pluto with space on the reverse for students to fill in facts about each (e.g. size, distance from the Sun etc). Makes a great classroom display.